You're going to Love This! ^_^

The most amazing software that I've come acrossed in a loooong while I'd like to share with you. Let me tell you why this isn't your normal Diary or Organizer, but first: the link!

This amazing program is something I'm working on using every day (actually multiple times a day lol)has things that I couldn't even explain, but let me
'steal' their feature list and try to explain after why I personally love it. But first, as you all know, I'm very honest about whether something is safe or not to use. This software uses: Encryption of your data using industry-standard methods for your privacy and all your entries are protected by an optional password. I've also checked it via my own security software (which I always do) with Malwarebytes, Spybot Search&Destroy, Super Antispyware, Avast (both after, and during download) and Outpost. I have to say this is a definate program to look at, they will have a spot in my 'Hall of Fame' of software lol. Here's what it does: (stolen from their site ^^)

*Keep everyday records -- Save and browse your personal records in the Diary protected by a password and encryption.
*See your life -- Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.
*Express yourself -- Record and play back voice entries in the Diary.
*Be organized -- Schedule puts a fully featured calendar at your fingertips to make sure you never miss anything important!
*Stay focused -- Use Tasks to set items you want to accomplish and monitor their progress.
*Never lose anything -- Notes will take care of that by providing a powerful way to organize any bits of information.
*Eat healthy -- Nutrition will let you create and share recipes and help you to understand and plan your dietary needs.
*Stay healthy -- Medication will remind you - it can even send you an e-mail, if you are away from your computer.
*Stay in touch -- Just enter all the important dates in the Contacts and you will be reminded of them when due.
* Be mobile-- you can use a portable version of SDS directly off your USB/flash/memory stick drive anywhere!

And more including:
# Run it directly off a USB or flash drive without installing on any machine.
# Optional password and auto-lock on inactivity settings.
# Multiple skins (visual styles) included.
# Fully resizable and customizable interface.
# Fast and reliable.
# Free support.

As soon as I can fix a few blog things, including it's theme (as it's doing wierd things to the images) it'll have a permanent side on my side thingy. Seriously, I think this program is so amazing, and I truly love using it. It's helping me to work on goals, keep up with my meds, and most of all, write! If I write things, it's kinda like a meditation for me, and it really helps me to refocus on things, if that makes sense. There's both a freeware version (which is amazing!) and priced editions that really make buying it deeefinately worthwhile. Guys I know every single one of you will enjoy this program and love it as much as I do. Check it out, see if you can prove me wrong. ^_~ ^^ In case you didn't click the link above, the addy is:http://www.sdiary.com/index.php

In other topics, I am going to be working on changing the theme, and also 'sectioning' up the various topics via different blogs (but all linked together like web pages) so that you can see blogs I've written according to certain types, like Software, Poetry, Misc Ramble etc. I'm also considering making a forums, and will do a 'mock-up' one of these days soon to see what you guys would think of it. Either way, I definately need a way to get input and thoughts from you, as it'll help me to know what sort of things you'd like to see, and what sort of stuff you have prefered. I'm thinking of a sort of guestbook/mini forum (if that makes sense). Tbh, I know I'll be writing a bit more often as time goes on, because that program I just mentioned has been helping me so dang much I can't even describe it. I love all of ya guys! Thanks for reading, and for listening to me ramble once again. ^^


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